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What’s Going On At What Jessica Thinks?

Hello Internet friends!

I’ve noticed that my past few posts have been a bit, well, melancholy. And it makes it seem as though I only publish serious, life altering and somewhat sad posts. So today I wanted to reintroduce you all to my blog!

It’s almost an advertisement of sorts. What can you expect from What Jessica Thinks? Well, basically it’s exactly what the name of the blog suggests. This is a place where I take all the crazy, unorganized, mundane and exciting thoughts that occupy my brain space and condense them into a comprehensive blog post. And let me tell ya friend, I think about a LOT of stuff.

Currently on the pipeline are my April favourites, a post on one of my favourite book series of all time and another post on my love of books. The reason I’m mentioning this is two-fold. One, it’s a little teaser to get you guys excited about future blog posts and the second and super important reason: I want you all to know what you are getting by following my blog.

With each new post I have been thrilled to know that more people are following my blog. Obviously it is not a very big number but even this small number of people reading my words is the hugest thrill. I don’t want you to think that all my posts will be like my previous two entries. I want you to know exactly what you will be getting from this blog so that you can follow or unfollow this blog according to your preference.

So, down to business. My two biggest  passions are reading and writing. This blog will feature reviews on any book that has caught my fancy and has proved to be worthy of a review. As for the writing part, that will not feature on this blog because I have another output devoted completely to it. WordPress’s sister site, FictionPress houses my writings of fiction and you can check it out here.

I also love all things beauty. I will post on everything from makeup products that I’ve been loving, reviews on new products, beauty tutorials, nail tutorials and more! So if you are a beauty lover then keep an eye on my blog.

And of course I will post on my life. Everyday experiences to those that have to be put down in text for me to move past them. They might be humorous, they might be saddening and they might be downright boring!

So there you have it. That’s what’s going on at What Jessica Thinks. Welcome and I hope you like it here. 🙂


Who Am I?

Sigh. Aren’t those some of the hardest words when strung together?
Now, luckily this isn’t some in depth description of my myriad qualities, flaws and such. Although, a post about that will, hopefully, make an appearance in the near- or far, future.
But today, I’m simply introducing myself to you all.

My name is Jessica
It’s clearly apparent what my name is. I mean, from my url and all. Right?
Moving on, I’m seventeen and currently have but a mere two months before I graduate high school. I’m an Indian who has lived all my life in the absolutely spectacular city that is Dubai. Now being an Indian, my school follows the Indian education system. Which means, among many many things, that my finals won’t be until March and after my last final, I’ll have to wait till May to get my results. The reason I’m undoubtedly boring you all numb with this information, is because it’s a neat little segue to something that I wanted to get out of the way as soon as possible:

Those finals that I was talking about? They’re pretty important. And by important, I mean they are the single factor that decides my life
So basically, I won’t be as active on this blog as many people would like because I’ll be studying for my finals. In fact, my posting will be sporadic at best.

So now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, onto the fun stuff!

Here’s a list of ten things about me:

• If I was stranded on a desert island and I could only bring one thing, I’d pick an industrial size crate filled to the brim with books.

• I LOVE food. Love.

• I have a basic need to surround myself with music as often as I can without being the nuisance I often tend to be.

• I’m painfully shy, unless you start talking to me. After that, you can never get me to shut up.

• I’m so socially awkward sometimes that I have wanted the earth to open up and swallow me on several mortifying occasions.

• I watch YouTube videos all day. I’m addicted to YouTube.

• I have nothing more to say…

• I am, at different moments, a perfectionist with a ridiculous amount of motivation AND a procrastinator like you’ve never seen.

• I love dogs! Most animals really. And I have an incapacitating fear of snakes. *shudders*

• One day I would like to travel the world, and explore as many places as I can on foot and preferably on a foodie trail of some sort. And I would like to write about every single beautiful experience.

So yes. That’s my list of random (read: useless) but crucial list of things you need to know about me so that we can build a rickety bridge over the wide chasm that is separating us – the Internet.

Hope to have another one soon.

P.S. : If you’re feeling friendly, tell me a few things about yourself! So we can all be friends forever and we’ll share a bunch of stuff, like opinions and thoughts and memories and no one will be as amazing us and one day I’ll lure you to my basement and dismember you. I mean….