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April Favourites 2014

To be honest April hasn’t given me much to be happy about. But I haven’t let things get me down and am putting a conscious effort to stay happy and relaxed at all times. A few disclaimers about this whole favourites thing. Every ‘favourites’ post will not have as many things featured as this one. Also it might not even be a monthly thing. To be honest, I’m a firm believer in completely finishing a product before getting a new one (scooping remains of expensive foundation using fingers or any other handy utensil) and that too after extensive research. So I just might not have accumulated enough products to rave about.

Anyway, we are done with the long intro, on to the favourites!



The first makeup product that I have been loving this month is the Compact Powder from H&M’s makeup line. I have never tried H&M makeup before but I popped in to get some clothes and picked up this powder in the colour Deep Beige. I was just really in need of a powder and didn’t get it with a lot of expectations because after all, it is a clothing brand. But I have been very pleasantly at how great this powder is! It feels light on the skin and gives me that extra coverage when I’m in a ‘moisturizer and compact powder’ mood. Also super plus for a powder, it isn’t cakey in the least and looks very natural!


The next makeup fave is the Rimmel London Match Perfection concealer. I seriously do not have more good things to say about this concealer! It’s the perfect consistency, blends like a dream and gives perfect coverage while also highlighting the under-eye area – super perfect when you are barely awake and want to pretend otherwise. I’m in the colour 060 Natural beige and it is just the right colour for a brightening concealer. It’s got a brush applicator which was initially a put off but I have forgiven it because the concealer itself is so creamy and amazing that it just doesn’t bother me!


Another one of my purchases from H&M. This is the Nudes Eyeshadows by H&M in the colour Soft Nudes. Okay, I FREAKING LOVE THIS PALETTE. The colours are so soft and easily blendable. The shades don;t have names but are numbered starting from the lightest highlight shade. Colours 2 and 4 are matte while the rest are shimmery. The shimmery shades glide on gorgeously and don’t have chunky glitter. The matte ones are a joy to blend. I seriously cannot love these more. The one downside is that the pigmentation is not too great but it is build able. So as long as you use a primer you’re good to go! Here are some swatches:



This lipstick is magical. It is the PERFECT red. Revlon’s Classic Red is exactly that. A gorgeous red that will look fabulous on any skin tone.  It glides onto your lips and does not budge! Love it to bits but there’s only so much you can say about lipstick…

So, here’s a swatch:



So those are my favourite makeup products of April. All amazing and the best part : all affordable!





I’ve recently changed my shampoo and conditioner. I am now using the Pantene Pro V Nature Fusion shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is a clear formula that leaves my hair squeaky clean and the conditioner makes it so soft that I can’t help but touch it. Bonus : It makes my hair smell SO GOOD.


Best. Face. Wash. Ever. I love this stuff! It’s the Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask. You can use it as a mask or spread a layer of it on your face and leave it on for five minutes and scrub it off like a mask. It is clay based so it really deep cleans and gets rid of potential pimples and spots!

Nails :


This is ultimate favourite of april. I was wearing it all the time. It is the B.O Crackle nail polish in the shade 12 which I picked up from the Japan at pavillion at Global Village. Gosh I just LOVE it.



This fine specimen is the Burberry Brit perfume. I’ve lost the cap and had to replace it with a Mont Blanc perfume lid but that’s beside the point. It’s top notes are lime, pear and almond and its heart notes are peony and sugared almonds with base notes of mahogany and vanilla. I can’t describe the scent exactly but it is just fabulous! Love love looove.


Been my favourite song for this whole month. I just love how peppy it is and it really does want to make me move! And for some reason I just fell in love with the video. It was just a run of the mill pop dance  video but I just love it!


This is the book I read this past month. Very Picoult. Strong likable characters, an expectantly complex and twisting plot and a signature ambiguous ending. I might just do a review on it soon. But whether I do or not its a lovely book that you need to get your hands on.

So that concludes my April Favourites. I hope you enjoy.


What’s Going On At What Jessica Thinks?

Hello Internet friends!

I’ve noticed that my past few posts have been a bit, well, melancholy. And it makes it seem as though I only publish serious, life altering and somewhat sad posts. So today I wanted to reintroduce you all to my blog!

It’s almost an advertisement of sorts. What can you expect from What Jessica Thinks? Well, basically it’s exactly what the name of the blog suggests. This is a place where I take all the crazy, unorganized, mundane and exciting thoughts that occupy my brain space and condense them into a comprehensive blog post. And let me tell ya friend, I think about a LOT of stuff.

Currently on the pipeline are my April favourites, a post on one of my favourite book series of all time and another post on my love of books. The reason I’m mentioning this is two-fold. One, it’s a little teaser to get you guys excited about future blog posts and the second and super important reason: I want you all to know what you are getting by following my blog.

With each new post I have been thrilled to know that more people are following my blog. Obviously it is not a very big number but even this small number of people reading my words is the hugest thrill. I don’t want you to think that all my posts will be like my previous two entries. I want you to know exactly what you will be getting from this blog so that you can follow or unfollow this blog according to your preference.

So, down to business. My two biggest  passions are reading and writing. This blog will feature reviews on any book that has caught my fancy and has proved to be worthy of a review. As for the writing part, that will not feature on this blog because I have another output devoted completely to it. WordPress’s sister site, FictionPress houses my writings of fiction and you can check it out here.

I also love all things beauty. I will post on everything from makeup products that I’ve been loving, reviews on new products, beauty tutorials, nail tutorials and more! So if you are a beauty lover then keep an eye on my blog.

And of course I will post on my life. Everyday experiences to those that have to be put down in text for me to move past them. They might be humorous, they might be saddening and they might be downright boring!

So there you have it. That’s what’s going on at What Jessica Thinks. Welcome and I hope you like it here. 🙂