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My 2014.

In typical WJT fashion, this post is a few days late. But honestly guys, did you really expect me to upload a blog on New Years Eve or on any day that’s relevant to the actual post? Oh you silly folks!

Anyway I’ve had a more eventful New Year’s this year. Not based on what I did on the actual day but the fact that I was back in Dubai. I’ve spent the past 5 months in Kolar, India. So it was both ridiculous and impossible to upload on the last few days of being back home.
Now to get to the point. I want to recount my year to you guys. Purely for documenting it for myself but maybe some of you would enjoy reading it.

The year began spectacularly because my friends and I camped out in the glorious December weather for over 10 hours in Downtown Dubai to watch the record-breaking Dubai NYE fireworks display. It was incredible. We were cramped into a tiny place. Sitting on the hard, cold tile. Quickly running out of ways to entertain ourselves! I mean, ten hours is a very long time. But when the clock struck twelve, every hardship was forgotten. We screamed till our voices were hoarse and were utterly mesmerized by the fireworks.
Dubai Fireworks
But right after that it was back to the grind of school. Only two more months till I graduate and finals were on me with a vengeance. I struggled and somehow crawled across the finish line.
Fast forward to March 2014, after both mine and my brothers finals were over, we packed our bags and headed to India. We were supposed to take a small trip to a hill station, scout some colleges, that kind of thing. But every single plan changed when we arrived. My two uncles who we had come to see were in critical condition. My heart shattered into a million pieces when we went to visit them at the hospitals. They were unrecognizable. Every essence of who they were had seeped out. The tears wouldn’t stop flowing.It was just a countdown at this point. We were reduced to simply wait for them to leave this earthly torture and go to rest in their heavenly home.
On April 1st and 2nd, it happened.
After the funerals we had to do the unthinkable task of returning to everyday life. We still needed to find a college, and my parents return flight date was soon approaching. Long story short we found a college, Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College in Kolar, Karnataka. More on this later, as I’m trying to maintain a timeline type article.
My parents flew back and I stayed behind for another few months. I spent some time with my grieving aunt and grandmother and those were some of the best days of that year. Their capacity to love and care for me even when they are beyond themselves with sadness was awe-inspiring. Nothing eventful happened for those few months. Easter was a quiet affair spent with family. I got my final year results which were not what I expected and threw me off a little.
I flew back home to Dubai in June. I spend the majority of my time being a lazy couch potato. Friends marathons interspersed with meeting and friends, spending time with family and shopping for college.
I also had a burst of fitness motivation. Which didn’t accomplish much but I figured I should mention it.
Those days flew by before I knew it. Soon it was time for all of to fly back to India. We arrived at Bengaluru airport on the 18th of August. I had to be in school on the first of September. We took a family trip to Coorg. A hill station with fabulous weather. We had many adventures and it was lovely because it was big old group of people – my parents, brother, paternal aunt and grandma, maternal grandparents, my moms brother, his wife (my bff) and their adorable two year old. One particularly interesting moment was when I chanced upon my first snake and promptly had a panic attack. (Wanna know more quirky facts about me? I’ve got you covered.)
My dad flew back on the 30th and so it was my mom, me and my maternal grandparents who made our way to SDUMC for orientation. When my mom left on the third I had never felt quite so alone. I always fancied myself the most independent of souls and thought I would handle this college thing no problem.
The next three months were both brilliant and uh… not so much. I was lucky to immediately find friends who I connected with, a stellar dorm, experienced teachers and extended family less than a stones throw away. The first couple months flew by in a blur of college fests, extracurricular activities and discovering subjects I had never studied before. Late October and early November were probably the most trying times. Homesickness would be a punch in the gut. I was deathly afraid of my first exams coming up and  true friends turned out to be far from it. But December came to my rescue. After three weeks of exams and practicals , I got to go home. But before Christmas came, we had our own celebration on campus. We organized gifts for all the patients of our hospital and sand carols at each ward. It was the most fulfilling Christmas I’ve had.

I could have kissed the concrete pavements of Dubai when I landed on Christmas Eve. The next few days were magical. Christmas was celebrated at church and with homemade biriyani. I met up with my best friends and I never realized how much I missed them. New Years was a quiet affair. Just like I wanted it to be.
And here we are today, I’m back in India and tomorrow I’ll be back in class. Life moving smoothly into 2015.

Some might say 2014 was a pretty eventful year for me and I wouldn’t disagree. But more than that 2014 is when I learned more deeply about myself and my relations. I have a deeper sense of self. I am thankful for everyday because I’ve experienced the harsh pain of loss. I have felt a wonderful sense of religious community thanks to the church I go to. I realized the value of family and am grateful for the friendships I have been blessed with. So as I say goodbye to 2014, I will praise The Lord for helping me cruise through it with minimal harm and maximum blessings.

To 2015 I say, bring it on.


Life Update | July 2014

I wish I could post more. I don’t think I can ever explain to people how much writing means to me. However I must also include that I’m an astonishingly lazy human being. This is my last summer before med school starts and I’m determined to be as lazy as possible in these last few months. This I believe, is the perfect excuse reason for why I’ve been so absentee lately.

But enough of the explanations as to why I don’t blog as much as I should. Because it seems as though that’s what all my intros are about. (I’m just gonna quickly add here that it is a nightmare to type this right now because my nails are so long right now. I hope someone reading this understands my pain.)                                                                                                 So as the title suggests I wanted to update y’all on what’s going on in my life right now.

While this is undoubtedly going to be the most peaceful summer of my life for very many years to come,a lot has happened since my last blog post. I travelled back to the spectacular city I call home, Dubai, after spending over two months in India (longest I’ve ever stayed). I got my final year results. I graduated high school. I got into a med school.  Even thinking about all that is making my head spin!

I miss India. I really do. It’s completely a different atmosphere down there. Seeing extended family on a regular basis is a complete novelty since we don’t have any family out here. But don’t get me wrong, it has it’s moments but there’s also been moments when I wanted to strangle myself because what they believe and what I believe are such different things. And I don’t think I can ever get away from the simple fact : I’m a Dubai girl.                     I’m accustomed to more freedom, to more ‘me time’ and to just more in general. So while I was a little sorry to leave my larger  family and return to my real home, I was practically running towards the baggage carousel so that I could see my Dad on the other side of the gates as soon as I could!

I’m currently listening to the Frozen soundtrack as I write this post. Man do I love this movie! Speaking of movies, they’ve become a slight problem since I’ve been back. While I am in no way an anti social hermit who eats alone and ignores her friends, I’ve also been watching at least three movies a week. And while for a lot of people that would hardly seem excessive, for me it’s completely new. It’s not that I don’t love movies or anything because I do, especially super girly movies. Ooh and wedding movies! But that’s beside the point.

Anyway I’m contemplating  doing some reviews here. So that might happen. I saw The Fault In Our Stars last month and I really really loved it! It was an amazing adaptation. It stayed very true to the book but still had its own originality. Another thing I did a lot is cook completely new foods that I’ve never tried before and that has been really fun!

I honestly feel like this is such a waste of a blog post. I’m not recording anything earth shattering, mentioning a profound moment or giving you guys any tips. But sometimes it’s nice to just write down whats going on in your life. Right?

Please don’t hate this post.

I’m just gonna continue chilling out for the rest of the summer. Reading, watching movies, trying out nail art and trying to get just a little more healthy. I’ll be flying back out to India on the 18th of August for admissions, moving into my dorm and starting my classes.  After that the craziness starts. But I’ll make sure to update you guys on what’s happening. So stick around. We’re starting a whole new chapter of my life together!

Freedom: It Tastes Like Fear

Yesterday I wrote my last high school Final. I am now a high school graduate. At this exact moment, it hasn’t really hit me yet. I’m still thinking that after this I need to start studying for my next final. Except I don’t and for the next few months at least, I don’t have to even consider studying. This feeling is absolutely exhilarating. To know that I don’t have any commitments, responsibilities or deadlines of the school variety is unbelievable. Especially considering the kind of school I went to. Indian schools are not afraid to load the students down with everything and anything. But the wonderful thing about Indian schools is, it’s glorious structure.

I went to an all girl’s school. And while many of you might recoil at the sound of it, it was and still is completely natural sounding to me. I’m not going to lie, school was very easy for me. But what’s painful is that if I had been anywhere else, I would have been in hell. It breaks my heart when I read stories of bullying and of girls and boys suffering for just being who they are. Not once in my school life have I ever felt disliked or lonely or really any negative feeling. I’ve always been a big girl, I have glasses and a lot of times I’m painfully shy. A recipe for disaster. But through it all, my friends and fellow classmates never made me or anyone else feel ostracized even in the slightest way. I’ll always be grateful for that.

But no matter how lovely it was being in an all girl’s school for the last eight years (and it really was lovely as this hilarious post nicely sums up.), it had its disadvantages. I mentioned structure earlier and this was a big part of why school was so easy for me. Everyone knew the invisible rules and everyone had fun. There were no physical fights, no isolation, no rude barbs or comments (unless warranted). We didn’t feel like it was against anything we believed in and we loved it because it provided a comforting cocoon of safety.

But now, all that is over. And that is terrifying.

Frankly this whole prospect is pretty scary. I am hoping to get into med school but the actual process of getting into med school isn’t the scary part because I am applying only in India and if you have the resources, I’m sorry to say  but anyone can get into med school. I’ve maintained a pretty good overall CGPA (a 4.0 basically) till tenth grade. My last two years weren’t too bad either. Anyway, that part isn’t worrying me. What’s worrying me is the uncertainty of it all after I’m into a college. I have never been away from my parents and worse I’ve lived for the past thirteen of my seventeen years in Dubai. The difference in lifestyle between the two places is palpable. But the colleges, oh the colleges. A scarier place, I cannot imagine.

It’s called “ragging” in India. It’s basically my nightmares come to life. Seniors can make freshman do whatever they want. Added to the fact that I’m a freshman, I’m chubby, shy and have completely different interests than anyone else there. It’s terrifying to know what might befall me there. Another fear is loneliness. I have always had a big group of friends. It was easy because we all had similar back stories, we were into the same things and laughed at the same jokes. It keeps me up at night, the thought that I won’t be able to make friends.

I’m free now. Free of the confines of school and staying at home and the rules and the structure that came with it. And goddamn it all I’m terrified about it.