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The TMI Tag!

Hi Internet friends!
I hope you all are having a wonderful day/night. It was one of those days you know. Sometimes you just feel like telling a whole bunch of strangers about things that they might not care about at all. And sometimes those things are kinda personal.

There’s 46 questions to answer so I better get to it. Enjoy!

1) What are you wearing?
A) My long t-shirt pajama thing. Comfy and pink, perfect.

2) Ever been in love?
A) Nope.

3) Ever had a terrible breakup?
A) Haven’t ever dated in the first place so, no.

4) How tall are you?
A) I’m 5’6!

5) Any tattoos?
A) Not at the moment but I will most definitely be getting more than one (oh yes.) when I’m older. I can’t wait.

6) Any piercings?
A) I’ve got my ear lobes pierced, but I want multiple ear piercings.

7) OTP?
A) Possibly the hardest question haha! Hardcore romantic here! I think I’ll do one from each of my favourite things I guess.
Youtube : Jim Chapman and Tanya Burr
Books : Tessa and Will from The Mortal Instruments
Television : Right now it’d be Dr Zoe Hart and Wade Kinsella from Hart of Dixie! But trust me I have way too many!

8) Favourite shows?
A) Friends, HIMYM, Suits, Hart of Dixie, Happy Endings, Gossip Girl, Masterchef Australia, Modern Family, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Parks and Rec and others that I cannot remember right now.

9) Favourite bands?
A) The Script, Coldplay, OneRepublic, Imagine Dragons, The Band Perry, One Direction, Foster The People, Fun, Little Mix, The Lonely Island, Maroon 5, Plain White Tees and tons more!

10) Something you miss?
A) Small answer, being able to make simple decisions and simple choices. Big and sad answer, spending time with my two uncles who passed away in April.

11) Favourite song?
A) My very favourite songs at the moment are: Am I Wrong by Nico and Vinz, Stay With Me by Sam Smith, Ghost by Ella Henderson and Chandelier by Sia.

12) How old are you?
A) I’m going to turn 18 in less than two months.

13) Zodiac sign?
A) Virgo.

14) Quality you look for in a partner?
A) Without a doubt, loyalty. And a nice smile wouldn’t hurt (extremely partial to dimples.).

15) Favourite quote?
A) This changes A LOT! But I just went through some of the quotes I keep saved and I picked this one: “Not all who wander are lost”. I think that’s beautiful.

16) Favourite Actor?
A) Soo hard. Uh, off the top of my head: Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield, Jennifer Lawrence, Ansel Elgort, Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and so many more!

17) Favourite color?
A) Blue.

18) Loud music or soft music?
A) Totally depends on where I am, what I’m doing and what my mood is.

19) Where do you go when you are sad?
A) My bed. I pull the covers up over my head, if I’m crying I listen to music and get it all out of my system. If I’m just sad I watch my favourite youtube videos that are guaranteed to make me laugh. I find that I deal with my sadness better when I’m alone.

20) How long does it take for you to shower?
A) I’ll be in there till I run out of scalding hot water.

21) How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?
A) Dress up kind of day: Half an hour.
Dress down kind of day: Fifteen minutes.

22) Ever been in a physical fight?
A) Only with my baby brother ugh.

23) Turn on?
A) Wit and humour.

24) Turn off?
A) Arrogance or being disrespectful.

25) Fears?
A) Snakes (ew nope can’t even talk about it) and also not finding someone who will love me as unconditionally and as wholly as I can love him.

26) Last thing that made you cry?
A) Brasil’s loss in the semi-final. I was a mess and it still hurts. Don’t judge. Also I am such a cryer it’s insane.

27) Last time you said I loved someone?
A) Right after Brasil’s loss, when my best friend called me and was on the phone with me for a long time to console me and help me get slightly over it. At least I remember saying it and if I didn’t then I love ya Aishu!

28) Last book you read?
A) The Pact by Jodie Picoult.

29) The book you are currently reading?
A) I’m juggling The Plain Truth by Picoult and The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck. I often read two books at a time by the way.

30) Last show you watched?
A) Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. Yeah, you read right. It’s super fun to go back and watch random episodes of your childhood favourites!

31) Last person I talked to?
A) My mom.

32) The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
A) Aiswarya Kishor, my aforementioned best friend.

33) Favourite food?
A) Anything carby and cheesey but my all time favourite food ever is sushi!

34) Place you want to visit?
A) Right now it is Santorini, Greece. Also Brasil. Also I wanna go to Paris again. My ultimate dream is to travel to gorgeous places all over the world on some sort of “foodie trail”.

35) Last place you were?
A) My living room.

36) Do you have a crush?
A) At the moment, no. Well I mean I’m kind of in love with Neymar right now but I don’t think that counts.

37) Last time you kissed someone?
A) Ew cooties!

38) Favourite flavor of sweet?
A) I’m a little bit confused by the term “sweet”. So I’ll just say chocolate I think. Also most coffee flavoured things excite me greatly.

39) What instruments do you play?
A) None but I can play half of one song on the guitar. And I’m damn proud of it.

40) Last time you were insulted?
A) When I was in India a couple of months ago and a rude and snarky aunt said something to me.

41) Favourite piece of jewelry?
A) Any and all of my rings. I love em’.

42) Last sport you played?
A) I can dribble a ball around at a 7 year old level, play badminton fairly well and play cricket. Also apparently I’m good at discuss. But the last (non virtual) sport I played was a ten minute game of football with my brother.

43) Last song you sang?
A) Chandelier by Sia. Concerts in the shower are the best.

44) Favourite chat up line?
A) Do you like raisins? How about a date?

45) Have you ever used it?
A) No! That would be mortifying for me but its got the right amount of trying, being casual and humour to win me over!

46) Last time you hung out with anyone?
A) Two of my best friends and I went out to dinner last night before having a sleepover at my place!

Whew. Oh my gosh that was a lot of typing. I hope you guys find this at least remotely interesting.

Until next time!


Life Update | July 2014

I wish I could post more. I don’t think I can ever explain to people how much writing means to me. However I must also include that I’m an astonishingly lazy human being. This is my last summer before med school starts and I’m determined to be as lazy as possible in these last few months. This I believe, is the perfect excuse reason for why I’ve been so absentee lately.

But enough of the explanations as to why I don’t blog as much as I should. Because it seems as though that’s what all my intros are about. (I’m just gonna quickly add here that it is a nightmare to type this right now because my nails are so long right now. I hope someone reading this understands my pain.)                                                                                                 So as the title suggests I wanted to update y’all on what’s going on in my life right now.

While this is undoubtedly going to be the most peaceful summer of my life for very many years to come,a lot has happened since my last blog post. I travelled back to the spectacular city I call home, Dubai, after spending over two months in India (longest I’ve ever stayed). I got my final year results. I graduated high school. I got into a med school.  Even thinking about all that is making my head spin!

I miss India. I really do. It’s completely a different atmosphere down there. Seeing extended family on a regular basis is a complete novelty since we don’t have any family out here. But don’t get me wrong, it has it’s moments but there’s also been moments when I wanted to strangle myself because what they believe and what I believe are such different things. And I don’t think I can ever get away from the simple fact : I’m a Dubai girl.                     I’m accustomed to more freedom, to more ‘me time’ and to just more in general. So while I was a little sorry to leave my larger  family and return to my real home, I was practically running towards the baggage carousel so that I could see my Dad on the other side of the gates as soon as I could!

I’m currently listening to the Frozen soundtrack as I write this post. Man do I love this movie! Speaking of movies, they’ve become a slight problem since I’ve been back. While I am in no way an anti social hermit who eats alone and ignores her friends, I’ve also been watching at least three movies a week. And while for a lot of people that would hardly seem excessive, for me it’s completely new. It’s not that I don’t love movies or anything because I do, especially super girly movies. Ooh and wedding movies! But that’s beside the point.

Anyway I’m contemplating  doing some reviews here. So that might happen. I saw The Fault In Our Stars last month and I really really loved it! It was an amazing adaptation. It stayed very true to the book but still had its own originality. Another thing I did a lot is cook completely new foods that I’ve never tried before and that has been really fun!

I honestly feel like this is such a waste of a blog post. I’m not recording anything earth shattering, mentioning a profound moment or giving you guys any tips. But sometimes it’s nice to just write down whats going on in your life. Right?

Please don’t hate this post.

I’m just gonna continue chilling out for the rest of the summer. Reading, watching movies, trying out nail art and trying to get just a little more healthy. I’ll be flying back out to India on the 18th of August for admissions, moving into my dorm and starting my classes.  After that the craziness starts. But I’ll make sure to update you guys on what’s happening. So stick around. We’re starting a whole new chapter of my life together!